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Subject: The New Argentina – Special Report

Some dry reading for the nitestand.

Subject: The New Argentina – Special Report

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Special Report

The New Argentina

Mauricio Macri’s government has begun to reverse Argentina out of the cul-de-sac into which his predecessors drove the country during 12 years of populist rule. His first task – apparently undramatic but in fact revolutionary – is to make Argentina a normal country again.

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What’s in this report?

Brief window for reforms opens up
The reforms of new president Mauricio Macri are having a positive impact but time may be his biggest obstacle
Martin Wolf: Hostages to fortune
Argentina salvaged its reputation in settling its 15-year bond dispute but the terms of the deal must not set a precedent
Interview: Mauricio Macri
The president of Argentina says his austere approach can revive the economy and turn the page on mistakes of the past
Economy: FDI’s trickle effect
Foreign companies have promised to invest $30bn since Macri took over but only $1.3bn materialised in the first half of this year
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