Death of a Poet, Life of a Poet, Being a Poet. (from Sue)


Death of a Poet, Life of a Poet, Being a Poet.
Para thom woodruff David Fraser Hoy a las 9:34
This is dedicated to all those friends, poets and non-poets and non-poetry loving friends who read and enjoy what I write.

I think what impacted me most about this article, apart from being stunned into idiocy by Hill’s intellectual level and his education, was the fact that he and I were born the same year. As I read I kept struggling to adjust my identity to Hill’s, but of course it was impossible. There are too many differences. And yet — and yet – now and then I would find a comment in which I would recognize myself. (We were both “autodidacts.”

A poet is, in a way, all poets — and at the same time, an individual poet. We are connected by what we do — that we write, that we struggle to express ourselves in a medium now rejected and relatively ignored by a vast majority of readers of the printed word.

Poets are forced to write mainly for other poets, because non-poets are not interested in poetry. My greatest satisfaction is to have someone tell me, as has occurred, “I never could read poetry until I read yours.”

I suppose also that I realize I am not a poet’s poet, rather I strive to reach out to another intellectual level, equally important but less esoteric. As to criticism, I have found more acceptance for my kind of poetry in my second language. Perhaps, hopefully, that is also due to my maturation as a writer.

It has been an ongoing pleasure for me to receive approval from readers when I offer poems written when I was seventeen (when I really became serious about becoming a “poet”) and no one cared very much. I think back to that period when I wrote and wrote and now, 66 years later, my poems are received in a positive way. I am so happy for my 17-year old self, she is within me somewhere still!

Moi et les quatre chats joyeux =*>:) devil= =*>:) devil= =*>:) devil= et Romeo =*>:) devil=

From: thom woodruff
To: Jonathan Downes
Sent: Sunday, 3 July 2016, 0:41
Subject: death of a poet-a significant poet!

The poet Geoffrey Hill has died. Read his Art of Poetry interview here.

Geoffrey Hill, The Art of Poetry No. 80
Geoffrey Hill was born in Worcestershire, England in 1932, where he grew up in constant view of the landscape that is Housman’s Shropshire.

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