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Living as I do less than 100 miles from the border with Mexico , the country has sparked interest since childhood. Currently the Trump campaign which outlined Trump’s rant about Mexico with a wide attack stating “allegations of “rapists, drugs and crime attack on Mexicans-this followed by his earliest policy paper in which he outlined his plan to rid the country of the problem: Immigrantion Reform that will make America great again.

Then we get blessed with “Make Mexico Pay for The Wall” of a immigration white page deportation of criminal persons he describes exporting as the official policy of the Government of Mexico. He says “For many years, Mexico’s leaders have been taking advantage of the United States by using illegal immigration to export the crime and the poverty in their own country…”an assertion made in print AND on the air.

A President Trump would surely export and expedite his plan, we have to come back to the deportation of those “wretched criminal aliens” All aliens desirable and undesirable would follow.” We have to get them out If we have wonderful cases they can come back in but they come back in legally…”

The 11 million would be rounded up and exported fast. Trump said he used this important issue to emasculate Marco Rubio, Ben Carson and Jeb Bush-it “so fast would make your head spin.” The mass deportation project could be totally wrapped up in 18 months.”

This is a total fantasy. Inez Bayonna, who has been a professor and advised the Government of Mexico on immigration policy, has carefully studied the documents as to the extent of Mexico-U.S.immigration-96%of Mexican municipalities are in some way involved in the Mexican dispora. And it includes a few concepts that would surely set Trump’s hair piece on fire, and just as easily fit into one of his xenophobic rants — for example, Bayonna’s description of an ingrained “culture of emigration in certain specified regions of Mexico .”

Trump at first blush seems determined to calculate the biggest bang possible, but divorced from policy realities. The whole idea of deporting 11 million individuals is impossible. This would require a force ten times larger than the force the United States now has controlling the border. The American Action Forum is closer to the truth regarding mass deportation logistics. The estimated time is not 18 months but 20 years to track down, detain and deport these millions. And the American taxpayer would pay 100 to 325 billion.

And yet in the final analysis, Mexico would be the most damaged by these plans In the capital, Mexico City, it was the cuts in education that brought a large contingent of public school teachers to the area near the national assembly on May 5-13-16.They were forcibly ejected from the streets they occupied initially and were moved just west of the National Cathedral. They were ousted at 4am by riot police, loaded on busses and sent back to the rural areas from which they originally came. Trump’s professed policies is perceived as a fantasy that could well be end up being damaging for both countries. The aggression and political confrontation have the effect of having serious repercussions far more than talk of building a wall (which Trump says Mexico will pay for just because it will be located on Mexican property. The peso fell to a historic low in trading against the dollar during the period Ted Cruz suspended his presidential campaign. It was not the ending of Cruz campaign that rattled currency markets, but rather the realization but rather constant references to lousy trade deals-none of which can be undone in four years. It has taken 50 years to establish these deals-and they were done pursuant to NAFTA.

Donald Trump arrives at a sensitive time. Trump ostensibly firmly believes even with his late arrival on the scene he is nonetheless the king of this trade game. The wide reporting which he has provoked engender little or no comment. The pronouncements serve as the bait. Then enough of the rest of the so-called informed media. That was the bait-pure and simple’ Then enough of the rest and the so-called “respectable media” started elaborating about the situation-that to tip the Cruz crusade into the game but having little meaningful and lasting effect. This was another front to Donald Trump’s reign of terror and America descending down some imaginary tubes- dabbing into the center of the common life being experienced in the United States and Mexico .

The tactic of treating Mexico in a despicable fashion (as they perceive it)is highly counterproductive. Mexico is a sovereign country. It has interests just like America . There is in the air that apologists for Trump sincerely claim that if a voter squints just a bit, their new into ins and outs time and again conservative fits in some not yet fully end of a left=right political spectrum. Trump uses a different spectrum-one which divides his world into ins and outs. Time and again he presents life as a zero-sum contest between his supporters and some undeserving Others. He boasts that he would improve and enhance health care. Trump would improve on a large but unqualifiable care given to Veterans. At the same time Trump growls that illegal get grossly superior health care delivery than veterans can expect..

No promise is too rash or expensive. To some groups such as Muslims Trump says he would-perhaps only temporarily-the enemies and he would deport–The circumstances,, not prejudice, should be the locus of the decisions eventually made. I have worked and lived in countries in which Moslems were the dominant religion-most countries play a tangential role but in many of these societies animism is really the governing force.

Roy A Harrell,J

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