PRINCE (from Sue Littleton, Mujer Maiz)


Prince: his 10 greatest songs from Head to Cream (and Purple Rain in between)
Hoy a las 10:07
I don’t know where I was when Prince was flaunting his boy/girl bi-sexual masculine-feminine self in song and diverse instruments. I knew just enough about him to reject anything he performed (without bothering to hear it first, of course). I was rejecting punk rock and Ronald Reagan at the same time, so perhaps that explains my rejection — although it does not excuse it.

I have always thought that Life should be filled with musical experiences, because music is such a tremendous part of the Western psyche. The fact that the Muslim religion rejects or shuns music of all kinds, even a tame bird in a cage singing in the most extreme of Taliban rules, has always seemed strangely inhuman to me.

So here I am at eighty-three, looking back on my devotion to classical and country music, rejection of and then acceptance of Elvis and the Beatles, a mild interest in crossover country and popular — Dolly Parton (“It’s All Wrong But It’s All Right,” Kenny Rogers (“The Gambler”), that lot — including Frank Sinatra. Amy Winehouse and Prince were not on my mental musical agenda, until they blasted themselves into my conscious mind by . . . dying. The Internet sent me their songs (along with “Relaxing Music for Your Cat,” which relaxed the hell out of me but probably did nothing to my cats, since Relax is what cats do best).

I am sorry you died, Amy, what a great song, “Back to Black,” and you, Prince, “Controversy,” a revelation — I am grateful I was able to appreciate your talent before I did the logical and natural thing and preceded you in death — which, considering our ages, could have occurred without my ever hearing one of your songs.

To all of my friends and music lovers out there, those who share my very eclectic tastes and who have rejected, even as I, rock, punk rock, etc., I send the following recordings now on the Net and here at your disposal. Some of you, like me, will think, “How unlucky for them, how lucky for me that I can listen to their songs,” and some will say, “Oh, gross!”

As the mother of a talented musician, grandmother of several fans of hard rock, plain rock and throwing rocks, I have always admired those people who not only can produce music, but can create it — the artists who not only perform, but compose. And yes, this includes that obnoxious little sh*t Justin Bieber. He just got too good too soon — like Prince, he started very early. However, although he seems likely to burn out early, he has Talent — note the capital “T” –.

So please, friends and acquaintances, listen to one or two of Prince’s songs, look up Amy’s “Back to Black” if you, even as I, have initially rejected them. They are a part of our musical heritage, and here speaks a fan of Chopin, early Jazz, Mozart, Verde, Rubinstein, opera and Johnny Cash.

Regards, Sue*;) winking

Moi et les quatre chats joyeux =*>:) devil= =*>:) devil= =*>:) devil= et Romeo =*>:) devil=

—– Forwarded Message —–
Prince: his 10 greatest songs from Head to Cream (and Purple Rain in between)

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