WATER RETURNS (like a Labour Government — (Sue: A shoe that fits)


WATER RETURNS (like a Labour Government — (Sue: A shoe that fits)
Para Christine Moore
CC Thom Woodruff Alexandria Krysinski ene 6 a las 10:00 P.M.
I have a couple of politically minded poet friends, one an Australian living in Texas who has dedicated much of his time to this sort of poetry and the other a woman living in England who has dedicated her time to poetry and good works. Every now and then the two of them combine unknowingly with some rant that suddenly fits perfectly with the Argentine scene.

The italics in these poems are mine.

Moi et les trois chats joyeux =*>:) devil= =*>:) devil= =*>:) devil=

From: Alexandria krysinski
Sent: Wednesday, January 6, 2016 2:18 PM
To: Thom Woodruff
Subject: Noah


Is it time to build an Ark?
Much of Britain is under water again.
Not London, of course,
just the rest of us.
The person in charge of flood defences
continued his holiday in the sun
while homes and businesses were destroyed .
Families who spent the New Year watching their life’s work
being washed away
and treasured possessions being
polluted by sewage,
must be thrilled to know he lied and pretended he was at home.
Our climate isn’t changing, it has changed.
We need new ideas, new ways of building
and more than anything we need
a Government that gives a shit.

From: thom woodruff
To: Alexandria K
Sent: Wednesday, 6 January 2016, 18:09
Subject: WATER RETURNS(like a Labour Government


It is time for more than meditation.
Those on the high ridge
know not what life is like at the bottom.
Lack of care is evident.
No Bibical hero
will save this sea change.
Weather change
means political change.
Action means more
than merely casting a vote.
Dunkirk 2016. Battle of Britain in January of a New Year.
Waters will return -to wash all opposition away
Who thrashed the tides to teach them a lesson?
If you cannot change the weather-
Change the government!

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