A PRIMITIVE RESPONSE to a primitive response


A PRIMITIVE RESPONSE to a primitive response
Para thom woodruff Hoy a las 8:13 A.M.
“All agreed — connection, communication, clarity promotes peace.” No argument. But with whom and what are we connecting, communicating? Each other, certainly. The Other… no, I think not.

The idea of a world governed by Sharia law is not all that great for men, and it is a hell on earth for the majority of women.

I do not want revenge for the deaths in Paris. But trying to soothe Fundamentalist Islam with understanding and brotherly love is like trying to communicate with predatory insects. We humans can make friends with many fierce warm-blooded creatures, including lions and wolves and others, but those beings melded into Fundamentalist Islam are like insects and arachnids. No communication or understanding is possible. Of course they would prefer to live, yet at the same time do not recognize the finality of death. Kind of difficult to exchange peaceful observations with an individual who may listen to you politely but will then blow you both to bits or, if he is in control, will cut off your head or immolate you and consider he has struck another blow for his beliefs.

If there are peaceful Muslims out there who do not prefer to read only the bloody sections of the Koran (as we Christians used to go on Crusades and burn elderly ladies according to the Old Testament), I welcome THEM with understanding and brotherly love. But as to the others, no, I see no way to reach them or change their thinking. If it can be done, of course. I just do not think it possible.

I do not want revenge, I want safety for those whom the Islamic State wishes to destroy. If this means we must destroy them, so be it.

Self-defense is not warmongering.

Moi et les trois chats joyeux =*>:) devil= =*>:) devil= =*>:) devil=

From: thom woodruff
To: Melanie Rose ; David Young ; Drew Ostler
Sent: Thursday, 19 November 2015, 2:34


We have to ask “Well, what is?”
We wish to live in peace-and prosperity
These conflicts seem religious /
yet they attack innocents
without regard to beliefs nor anything other than proximity and opportunity
Tonight, we began a counter-defense.
We sat and talked about issues-
in poetry prose song and music,we extemporized and exorcised our emotions
which oscillated between horror and anger-
to righteous wrath and revenge.
Logically, war is a trap.
It begets itself via fear, and makes more war once one starts.
Attrition? Defense?
Same tactics/strategies/materials.

We had poems and songs
We sang and responded.
All agreed – connection, communication, clarity promotes peace
And that is what we want.
Now to convince all warmongers to join in..

FULL MOON DREAMING @615 Radam Lane 78745 from 6-9pm Wednesday 25 November 2015

Th 19-THIRSTY THURSDAY Dripping Springs 7-9w/Nancy Fierstien.Theme”HATS”
Fri 20-SHARE YR STORIES@Twin Oaks Library 1-3pm Hosted by Ralph Hausser
GREEN MAN 7.09pm w/Lina &Zow
off 290 west Dripping Springs w/Anyah
Sun 22-Spoken &Heard 8th Birthday 6pm
Mon 23-EPOCH on ANDERSON-Bring 20 copies for an INSTANT ANTHOLOGY!

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